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Our Work

This is your Project Page. Our vision is to spread the truth about ifa, for you have your own power. Having everything at the palm of your hands, having ifa knowledge in your hands.

Instagram should not be a source of information in ifa, where the most popular people are the ones listened to in ifa or person who is old. 

This APP will help millions, connect them with out being judged. Lets change ifa forever......

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Project Name : The Orisha App

The App will no longer be called OrishaMagic, this is not about me or what I built, this is for IFA. The will launch next week, already approved by Apple & Android.

As Babalawo now I have more access to information, none of it you have seen. 

Youll be able to earn each year from passive income, the goal is to spread this App.

Over 7 billion people on earth, and 70% have phones.


Arrows Wealth Academy

This is our Arrows Wealth Academy. Built with a team of hard working individuals to insure you succeed in this academy , learning how to build passive income via many sources , or join up with others to advance together. (comes included with shares above.)

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