Shares refund policy: *updated 08/18/20 


Orisha magic has the right to change payouts at any time.

Orisha magic reserves the right to terminate any members, 


Refunding stocks: when purchasing shares you agree to our return policy.

There is 160 day buffer to refund any shares (if orisha magic approves.) 

If refund is approved return process may take up to 14-28 business days.

A full Business disclosure is also agreed when purchasing Shares, member is not allowed to realser share holder information, stock value, payouts or any slander towards orisha magic, until said member is fully refunded. 

We reserve the right to pursue legal actions.




Clothing refund policy:

Full refund is approved (item not needed to returned) when, a product is damaged (with picture.) , item is stolen (flied police report must be shown)

wrong item or wrong size is shipped (due to company not client.)

Full refund (when item is returned.) is given with out question with in 3 business days after item is shipped back (with picture proof.)


Shares terms & conditions

1 This Agreement


1.1 These Terms and Conditions form part of the agreement between you, the client ('You', 'Your(s) or 'yourself'), and T', 'we', 'us', 'ourselves' or 'our(s)'). These govern the services offered by us our relationship with you and all transactions that you enter into with us (or any Authorized Third Party using your name, account number and/or password).


1.4 These Terms and Conditions together with the Risk Disclosure Notice, your Application Form, the Order Execution Policy, the Conflict of Interest Policy and any supplemental terms and conditions or policies issued by us, are known as the 'Agreement'. Before you invest you should read these documents and ensure that you understand them.


1.5 You should read these terms in their entirety. If there is any part of these terms that you do not understand you should contact us immediately. Unless we agree, in writing, to amend any part of this Agreement it will form the basis of all contracts that you enter into with us. This Agreement and all subsequent amendments that you agree to are legally binding and enforceable.


1.6 The meanings of certain financial and legal wordings are set out in the 'Glossary' at the end of this document.


1.7 We act as an execution-only broker and will provide all stockbroking and investment services. We will also hold and administer your money and Assets as custodian. We may delegate certain obligations under this Agreement to any associated company third parties.


1.8 You may contact us via email or verbally by telephone. All such communications should be in English. We may converse with/write to, you in languages other than English but in the event of any misunderstanding or error the English version of this agreement will prevail. The English version of this Agreement is binding and takes precedence over any other translation. All communications with you are made on a best endeavors basis and, unless agreed in writing by a Director of Orisha Magic, do not alter this Agreement.


1.9 You agree that we will be entitled to take any action as we consider necessary, in our absolute discretion, to ensure compliance with Applicable Laws. You agree to comply with all Applicable Laws and also to abide by any local laws to which you may be subject. You are reminded that this especially applies to all forms of market abuse (e.g.:- market manipulation or insider trading) and corporate governance (e.g.:- director trading).


1.10 Trading via our stockbroking platform is not suitable for everyone. A full explanation of the risks associated with using our services is set out in the Risk Disclosure Notice and you should ensure you fully understand such risks before entering into this Agreement with us.


1.11 You authorize us to telephone or otherwise contact you at any time whatsoever in order to discuss your account or to communicate other services offered by us.


1.12 We will not offer any advice on the suitability of your entering into this Agreement. It is entirely your personal choice as to whether you should use our services. We strongly recommend that you take professional advice before entering into this agreement.


1.13 You agree that we may share commissions and charges with our Trading Partners or other third parties, and receive or pay remuneration from or to the same in respect of trades entered into by you with us. Such commissions and charges will only be paid where we are satisfied that such payments do not impair our obligation to act in your best interests and meet our regulatory obligations.


1.14 You agree that where a situation arises that is not covered by this agreement then you and we will be bound by general industry norms and where possible or relevant with reference to the Terms and Conditions of our competitor companies.


1.15 Nothing in this Agreement will over rule our duty or liability to you under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (as amended) or the FCA Rules and if there is any conflict between this Agreement and the FCA Rules, the FCA Rules will prevail.


1.16 You acknowledge that the Product Information Sheets that apply to any Asset in which you have an interest or wish to trade will be displayed online on our website. Such information is provided on a best endeavors basis and may be updated from time to time. We shall not be liable to you for any such incorrect information.


1.17 All calls to our telephone lines are recorded and you hereby agree to this recording. All recordings of telephone conversations are our exclusive property and may be used as evidence in any dispute.


1.18 We may assign, in whole or in part, the rights and obligations of this Agreement to a third-party provided that any assignee agrees to abide by the Terms of this Agreement and subject to the approval of the FCA. Such assignment will come into effect 10 business days following the day you are deemed to have received notice of the assignment. If we do assign our rights and obligations under this Agreement, we will only do so to a third-party who is competent to carry out the functions and responsibilities and who will provide the same standard of service that we do.


1.19 Our rights and obligations under this Agreement are solely to you. You may not assign either the benefit or burden of any part of this Agreement to any third-party without our prior written consent.


2.0 Your Account


2.1 Except as stated otherwise we will act on your behalf to execute your Instructions to Deal as principal.


2.2 Unless specifically agreed with you (Clause 2.3, 2.4), you will be classed as a retail client as specified under the FCA Rules. As a retail client you have the highest level of regulatory protection and your funds will be segregated in accordance with the FCA’s Client Money rules.


2.3 For some clients it may be appropriate for you to be classified as a professional client. If such is the case we will provide you with full details of any limitations to the level of regulatory protection that such a different categorization would entail.


2.4 We may decide, or you may request us, to treat you as an Eligible Counterpart, the terms of this Agreement will be amended where applicable to the Terms and Conditions for Eligible Counter parties, by which you hereby agree to be bound.


2.5 You agree to Deal as principal and not as agent for any undisclosed person.


2.6 Dealings with you will be carried out by us on an execution-only basis and you agree that we are under no obligation to query the suitability for you of any trade you request, or to advise you on the current status of any Trade Instruction, or to advise you as to the status of your portfolio of investments held with us.


2.7 We will never give trading advice although we may provide you with information concerning your account or concerning factual data on markets that we quote. If any Orisha Magic,employee gives (or appears to give) trading advice you agree that this advice is given on a personal level and is not in any way the opinion of Orisha Magic,. You agree that you will not, nor will you be entitled to, rely on such statements as investment advice.


2.8 We will not accept any instructions from you until your account has been opened. Funds received by us will not be apportioned to allow trading until your account has been opened. To be considered for an account you must submit an Application Form such a form must be submitted online we do not accept printed versions of the application form. All required sections must be filled out and the information supplied must be correct to the best of your knowledge.


2.9 By submitting an Application Form you authorize us to make any searches that we see fit to certify that the information supplied by you is accurate.


2.10 If there are any material changes to the information given on your Application Form (including change of employment, income, address, contact details and email) you must immediately amend your details using your online account. Any losses that may be incurred by misdirection of contract details due to incorrect or out of date email addresses or other contact details supplied by you are entirely your responsibility.


2.11 It is entirely our decision to allow you an account and we may refuse an applicant for any reason.


2.12 Account Suspension or Termination


2.12.1 In accepting these terms you agree that we, and you, have the right, by the sending and receipt of a written notice (such as an email), to close or suspend your account with us.


2.12.2 You agree that neither party is required to offer a reason for closing your account.


2.12.3 Any such suspension or termination will not affect any obligation that may already have been incurred by either party in respect of the operation of your account. Upon termination you will pay to us any outstanding Fees, Charges and Taxes due.


2.12.4 On termination and subject to receipt of your instructions, we will arrange for Assets to either be sold or transferred from our nominee into your own name or another nominee. All proceeds of sale will be paid into an account in your name. If we do not receive any instructions from you within three calendar months of termination we may, at our sole discretion and at any time thereafter, sell your investments on your behalf. Any such transaction will incur charges and any other applicable taxes or costs. The balance of the sale proceeds will be held as client money in accordance with the FCA’s Client Money rules as applicable to your account. Where Assets are sold they will be sold at the best execution price achievable by us at that time. You may suffer a loss on the sum invested versus the amount achieved by our sale. We are not responsible for any such loss that arises. Any loss will be borne by you. Where Assets cannot be sold, redeemed or transferred, we may certificate the Assets at your cost and distribute these certificates to you.


2.13 Authorized Third Party.


2.13.1 You may authorize someone else (commonly called an Authorized Third Party) to manage or have authorized access to your account (Power of Attorney over your account).


2.13.2 You acknowledge that this will be at your own risk.


2.13.3 Both you and the Authorized Third Party will be required to submit a Power of Attorney document authorizing and appointing an Authorized Third Party to operate your account.


2.13.4 A Power of Attorney form is a legal document and you will be required to send to provide some form of identity document such as a copy of your passport or driving license.


2.13.5 We will be entitled to accept all instructions from an Authorized Third Party as if that instruction had come from you


2.13.6 Third party authority will remain in place until such time as it is revoked by either party. If you wish to revoke this authorization you must provide written notice to us. Any such notice will be effective as soon as it has been acknowledged as such by us. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that we are aware of any such intended revocation. You acknowledge that you will remain liable for all instructions given by the authorized person prior to any acknowledgement of the revocation by us and that you will be responsible for managing any positions which remain open after such revocation of permission.


2.13.7 We may at our sole discretion, and without notice to you, refuse to accept instructions from any Authorized Third Party and to treat the appointment of any such Authorized Third Party as terminated. We will be entitled, without notice to you, to refuse to accept instructions from any Authorized Third Party and to treat the appointment of any such Authorized Third Party as terminated.


2.14 It is your sole responsibility to inform us as to whether your trading activity should be reported to your employer. In general, if you work for an FCA or PRU regulated entity, your employer (specifically the compliance unit) will require notification. You should ask your employer if such notification is required.


2.15 Any action made by you or us which affects your account will trigger an email and/or an on-screen response. The non-receipt of an email or absence of an on-screen confirmation will not affect the validity of any trade or order which has been placed.


2.16 It is solely your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of all activity on your account. As soon as you receive any such notification you must check it to make certain that it is correct. You should contact us immediately concerning any potential error. Any problem will be investigated and resolved.


2.17 Unless your account has been suspended/terminated your account statement will be available online. If you think that your statement contains an error or you have received a confirmation email that you believe contains erroneous information you must notify us immediately.


2.19 Any queries/complaints should be raised in the first instance with our customer support team or with our dealers.



2.20 Where we are in dispute with you in respect of any instruction to deal made by you we may, at our absolute discretion and without notice, close (or reverse) the disputed transaction where we reasonably believe such an action to be desirable for the purpose of limiting any exposure to you or us and we will not be under any obligation to you in connection with any subsequent movement in the price of the investment concerned.


2.21 Joint Accounts


2.21.1 If you hold a joint account with one or more persons then any reference to you, your, yours, yourself refers to all other persons named as party to the joint account;


2.21.2 We may act, in relation to the account, on any instruction from any person who is, or reasonably appears or purports to be, named as party to the joint account. This includes the disclosure of information about the account (including personal information) to all persons named as party to the joint account:

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